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ESI Feature Phones - achieve maximum productivity
ESI desktop and cordless phones
We can assist you in choosing the perfect phones for your business application. Both desktop models and cordless handsets utilize all the great features of an ESI phone system. Desktop phones come in 12-key, 24-key and 48-key models that are spill-proof with backlit displays and can be angled in four different positions. The cordless handsets use reliable 900MHz technology and have a Quick Switch feature for ease in transitioning between the desktop and cordless phones.
ESI products
ESI Communications Servers - vital business communications features
ESI Communications Servers
Handle all your organization's communications needs with an ESI Communications Server. Just Communications can assist you in choosing the model and capacity your company requires. Features include voice mail, automated attendant, enhanced caller ID, automatic call distribution, intelligent call forwarding, massive voice message storage and much more.

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IVX S-Class - all-in-one digital phone system
IVX S Class
The IVX S-Class phone system is easy to use and can grow with your company. It's equipped to expand to 16 phone lines, 32 digital stations and 8 analog stations. A choice of either voice mail or Integrated Answering Machine lets you choose what's right for your organization. The system is user-friendly with a Verbal User Guide available on every desktop phone with the press of a single Help button.

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VIP - forever change how you manage your day-to-day call activity
VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) combines the capabilites of your ESI communications server with the power of Outlook®, giving you complete control over your calls and voice mail. With this product you can sort and prioritize voice mail messages, as well as capture details about every call. Some of the VIP features include:
  • Manage, listen, save or delete voice mail from your Outlook inbox
  • Secure faxes and receive them directly into Outlook
  • Manage contacts with Outlook and VIP contact lists
  • Keep a detailed history of every call to or from your phone
  • Restore deleted voice mail messages
  • Missed calls log shows who chose not to leave a message
  • Program your phone from your PC screen
  • Auto recording with VIP Professional
  • Simplifies setting up and conducting conference calls
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ESI-Link - connecting multiple ESI systems together
ESI-Link helps businesses with multiple offices work together and operate more efficiently. ESI-Link uses the latest technologies of VoIP applications for improved communications across the street, across town or across the country, joining your ESI systems together to work seamlessly as one. Phone systems share vital information such as who is on the phone, who is available in any location and who is calling you. The advantage for your business is much more communications capabilities for a much lower investment.

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ESI Presence Management - integrated access control systems
ESI Presence Management
Affordable access control is now available with ESI Presence Management. Keep your facilities secure with this combination of RF scanning technology and your ESI communications system. This product not only provides entrance security, but also presence status, personal call routing, and tracking of users' work hours and attendance history. Electronic keys, which can easily be disabled, are used to enter and leave and can control specific areas.

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Make time cards and payroll entry errors a thing of the past with ESI TimeLine time and attendance management software. Streamline your payroll process with this accurate employee time-tracking system.

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ADTRAN designs and manufactures various products with routing technology and has over 15 years of experience in the networking business. They offer "best-in-class" products with outstanding value.

Surge Protection
We use Panamax, the country's pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products. Panamax has earned numerous industry awards for the quality and variety of its products. Their line of products save equipment and protect against severe weather and power disturbances.

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